COVID-19 Customer Statement
Veridian Foundation

**SPECIAL NOTE: The Veridian Homes Foundation is temporarily suspending additional donations for 2021. We are thrilled to fully support “The Generous Home” program, which will greatly impact several charitable organizations throughout Southern Wisconsin. To learn more, please visit**

From day one, building quality homes in this community has been our calling and giving back to it an important piece of who we are. We provide funding to many local non-profit organizations such as American Family Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Habitat for Humanity, Clean Wisconsin, Second Harvest Foodbank and Project Baby’s Community Baby Shower. As we continue into the future, we will steadfastly keep sight of what matters most – environmental stewardship, giving back to the greater community and customer satisfaction.

In establishing the Veridian Homes Foundation in 2004, we have contributed over $1 million to local charities and are excited to continue to be a viable source for worthy causes in Southern Wisconsin and beyond. To request funding or contact the organization, please download and fill out the request form below.

The Veridian Homes Foundation meets quarterly. To ensure that your request is added to the agenda for our quarterly meetings, please submit your completed application and any supporting documents by February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1.

If you have received funding from the Veridian Homes Foundation and are in need of our logo for your sponsorship materials, please download the logo below.

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