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Benefits of Buying Veridian

Built Just for You

When you buy new, it’s a chance to live in a home no one has ever lived in before. But more than that, it’s a chance to live in a home that has been handcrafted with all of the newest innovative building materials and technology, selected by you, for you. It’s a home built for the way you live today. You’ll choose the features and upgrades that work with your lifestyle. And your options will always be top of the line and energy efficient. That’s the Veridian way.

Modern Living

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Our in-house architect designs open floor plans that make the most of your space, increasing comfort and livability. Walk-in closets, linen storage, spacious pantries, and resourceful shelf systems keep you organized. Contemporary kitchens, media centers, and bathroom amenities provide ease and convenience. And as always, we outfit your home with the quality brands you trust. Come in to our Design Studio and see nearly 40 innovative home plans designed with modern living in mind.

Wired for Your Life

Welcome to the future of home networking. Veridian homes can be hardwired for convenient access to technology systems, media and even HVAC. Enjoy faster downloading speed, safer Internet, and more overall flexibility when it comes to technology. Cords, routers, and modems are out of sight, tucked into a structured wiring panel in the basement. Better yet, we’ve taken upgrades and add-ons into consideration, so you’ll be ready for the next generation of gadgets.

Click here to learn more about our home networking package.

Energy Efficient

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Every home we build is Focus on Energy℠ and Green Built Home™ certified. We use improved technology, superior insulation, and tighter construction to keep your home comfortable and draft free. And our modern heating and cooling systems are twice as efficient as those made prior to 1980, resulting in lower utility costs. So you can rest easier knowing you’re being good to the earth and saving money, all by simply choosing Veridian.

Low Maintenance

Innovative new exterior materials stand up to Wisconsin weather and require minimal maintenance. Siding, windows, and trim are long-lasting and never require painting. Improvements in interior materials result in higher quality at a lower price than just a decade ago, helping to keep remodel costs in check. And thanks to new waterproofing technologies and better drainage systems, you can use your basement effectively.


Safety improvements like carbon monoxide and smoke detection systems, circuit breakers, and ground fault interrupters are standard in every Veridian home, making occupants far safer than occupants of older homes.

And recent advances in stronger construction, such as extra bracing and framing, provide new homes with increased protection against severe weather. Air filtration systems, exhaust fans, and energy-efficient HVAC deliver better indoor air quality, making your home a safe haven.

Solid Investment

Your new Veridian home offers greater appreciation than you’d see with an older home. And over time, real estate is more stable than investing in the stock market and provides better returns. So you could say you’re not only living well and saving money, you’re investing in your future.

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