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Veridian is proud to be the green standard in the homebuilding category.

We’re a local and national leader on the “go-green” front and have been building energy-efficient homes since 2001. With more than 5,000 Green Built/Focus On Energy homes to date, approximately 66% of all the certified energy-efficient homes in Dane County are ours. Compare this to the 4% of used homes sold in our market that meet green standards and what results is a huge differentiator between Veridian and other builders.
Focus on Energy

Example of Veridian’s High-Performing Features

Our homeowners save an average of $2,394 per year*

High Performance Features

The Energy Scale: A guide to Veridian’s energy efficiency

Energy Scale

The Home Energy Rating System, or HERS, is a nationally recognized index for calculating a home’s energy efficiency by comparing it to various homes. The scale helps homeowners understand how efficiently their home is operating and where to make modifications for greater energy savings. When you’re buying a HERS-rated home, you can anticipate the costs of energy bills. And when you’re selling, a low score can command a higher resale price.

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